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Wellbeing tips for the Law Exam Period!  

In my fifth year of law, I have recognised the importance of having good mental health – particularly during the lead up to exams. Good mental health enables us to sleep better, feel better, maintain positive relationships, be more productive and do better in our law studies! 

Here are my top wellbeing tips for exams! 

  1. Have confidence and taking a break

Studying law can be challenging as there are difficult concepts to get your head around which can be overwhelming and spark feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. Remember that you have been accepted into your law degree because you have demonstrated the potential to take on the challenges of studying law. Don’t compare yourself to others and be kind to yourself when you are grappling with difficult concepts. Take a deep breath – take a break – and come back to it later! Approaching your studies with a fresh mindset will enable you to get your head around the difficult topics and lead to you having a better understanding!  

  1. Get good sleep

Personally, I have sacrificed many nights sleep to prepare for exams or to finish my assignments, however, in the long-run sleep deprivation reduces your ability to comprehend and remember information as well as negatively impacting your mental and physical health. Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep so you can approach your studies with a healthy and more productive mindset! 

  1. Maintain social connections

I understand that we can be very busy catching up on our notes, lectures and readings during exam period which can make us feel too busy to spend quality time with friends or family. However, our support networks play a valuable role in our mental health and combating feelings of isolation and loneliness. Remember to maintain your social connections. Put aside at least 10 minutes a day to call a friend during the exam period! 

  1. Maintain healthy habits 

Sometimes we can get caught up with our studies which can lead us to adopting unhealthy habits. Don’t forget to fuel your brain with a healthy and well-balanced diet. Take breaks and leave your desk to get some fresh air outside. I personally enjoy going for a run to clear my mind. Do what makes you feel good. This might be going for a walk, engaging in meditation, drawing, practising a musical instrument or playing your favourite sport! 

  1. Reach out! 

Most importantly, if you are struggling don’t forget to reach out! Check in with your family and friends.  Your peers, lecturers and tutors understand the difficulties of studying law. La Trobe has some excellent Student Wellbeing Services available to support students.  As a student, you can access Counselling Services, including after-hours telephone support. Lifeline is available 24/7 for mental health support by calling 13 11 14.

Look after yourself and stay healthy! 


LSA Education Officer 


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