Weekly Wrap-Up

Weeky Wrap Up: Weeks 3 & 4


We hope you have all had a great start to the first semester. It has been an intense past few weeks with plenty of events to report!


We ended week 3 early with our annual and much anticipated LAW CAMP from the 17th to 19th of March. This event is primarily catered to first year students as a way of getting to know your fellow peers and making lasting friends for the years to come. The weekend is filled with fun activities that everyone can get involved in.


The event started when the coach arrived on campus to pick all the law students up and take them to Golden Valleys Lodge in Flinders. From there, icebreakers and a trivia night! The second day was jam packed with activities, from dodge ball to a flying fox, paint twister and even an eating competition! The fun didn’t end when night fell. When the sun went down, the Glow in the Dark Party began. Be sure to check out the LSA Facebook page to see more photos of this event and the camp dog!



101 Session – CASE SUMMARIES

The following Tuesday featured our next free workshop session on how to make case summaries. This was a great event aimed at informing students how to make the most out of the time you spend reading cases and practicing the best ways to summarise long bouts of text. As this is a skill required for every single law subject, it was a fantastic opportunity for students to figure out which facts and issues of a case are most important for example and work from there.


The highlight of Wednesday was at night when our semester one careers night began. The venue of this event was very impressive this year, as it was held in the State Library of Victoria.


Surrounded by the library’s grand architecture, many firms gathered their stalls together in preparation for all of the La Trobe law students that sought to ask questions from graduate students who had been chosen to work for those firms in a graduate or clerkship position. The night was an invaluable opportunity for students to ask specific questions about themselves, what they can offer a firm or what a firm is looking for in an applicant.




Our last event for this week was a workshop on problem solving, a skill all law students are required to perfect at the highest level. What better way to touch base and find out how to actually apply this in an essay than by coming to this free event!  If you missed out on this session, be sure to check out the upcoming 101 workshop sessions on the LSA Facebook event page and click attending to stay up to date on the free sessions throughout the semester.




The next upcoming 101 session is focused on helping students complete their online research quickly and more effectively. To be discussed is how to access legal databases and find the information you need to complete an essay quickly. Whether you’re a first year or a fifth year, there’s always something new to be learnt and an opportunity for improvement.  We’ll see you there on Tuesday 28 March in the Moot Court, SS 232.



Come down one or every evening from 27-31 March to witness the Junior and Senior Moots in SS 232 (the New Moot Court). This is a fantastic opportunity to take notes and learn about tort and contract law in action. We guarantee that you will learn something new each moot you come across, whether it’s a fact of law or a public speaking technique. If you’re planning on mooting yourself in the future – no excuse! Be sure to check out the specific Facebook page for these moots to find out more.

And that’s a wrap! Be sure to check back to this page for next week’s update.


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