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Confronting: OJ Simpson 

There are many true crime stories that adopt a cult like following and the case of The People v O.J Simpson is no exception. Following the story of the brutal double homicide of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman host Kim Goldman (Ron’s sister) takes us through the story again. However, unlike the many books, documentaries and podcasts following the story, it has a special focus on Ron Goldman. 

Admittedly the first episode is an emotional one, we hear all about the life of the man who was brutally murdered when he was simply returning Nicole’s mothers glasses to her house after they were left at the L.A. restaurant where he was working. The next episodes see Kim interviewing infamous prosecutor, Marsha Clarke and various other key witnesses on what they saw, what they thought, and why the case went so terribly wrong. If you’re interested in criminal law this podcast is a must as the story explores some deep issues confronting the criminal justice system in the States. 


Gertie’s Law 

This year the Supreme Court of Victoria started its very own podcast in order to provide information to the public on everything the court does. It is a great podcast for any law student simply interested in the inner workings of the court. An extremely important episode is Episode 2 – Crime and Punishment. This episode focuses specifically on sentencing, arguably the most complex issue in our criminal justice system and often the most controversial with the public. If you’re interested on why some serious crimes only receive short sentences whilst others are longer and are stuck confused and angry, this is the podcast for you. It discusses how sentencing works and gives some good examples of why some things are the way they are. It is important for anyone wanting to know a little bit more to listen to as it may help ease the pain of the seemingly lenient sentences imposed.




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