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Well, first semester is over and I, alike many others, are left to reflect on their experiences thus far at La Trobe Law School. It’s been a whirlwind first few weeks, making friends and gaining familiarity with the course, but it’s been a satisfying and fun one.

It was loathing at first sight upon my first meeting with that untamed beast AGLC, as consistent as Melbourne weather with as many rule exceptions as the English language itself. However, I and many other first years have become unlikely friends with the referencing system over the course of the semester, starting to learn its rules and come to respect it. Bye Harvard style. 

Armed with our new skills in mediation thanks to Dispute Resolution, hopefully us first years can now make la Trobe a more peaceful place, solving disputes about parking spaces to the correct slang for a chicken parmigiana (It’s definitely Parmi, #ChangeMyMind). We can also thank LIM for allowing us to be able to search for relevant cases and law for assignments, assuming we can remember the correct series of brackets and lines to actually refine a search from 30,000 results.

Shout out to Contract Law A for making me feel like I have scoliosis or a small child in my bag at any given time thanks to its massive textbook size. Were the books helpful? Yes. Will I need a chiropractor by third year? Also, yes. It makes me understand why many others opt to take digital notes over physical ones, you have to save every milligram of weight you can (for copious number of sticky notes). Perhaps next semester my keyboard will join the symphony of clicks during lectures.

I’d like to thank every single coffee shop on campus for keeping me caffeinated to the point where my chest felt like it was going to explode, can’t wait for another 4 and a half years of that sensation. Similarly, thanks to pages such as ‘Legal Memes for Judicial Teens’ for injecting humour into the subject so it actually sticks well in my head. And thanks, BuzzFeed for reinforcing in my head the idea that I should actually be here despite multiple episodes of crippling doubt- see the quiz, ‘Should you go to law school?’ (Here you go friends- Should I Go To Law School?

All in all, it seems to have been a really exciting semester for us Freshies to La Trobe Law School. Despite its challenges, I hope everyone can still remember why they chose to do this course and are excited to get on with another semester. Fingers crossed we can make it to the finish line with minimal casualties.




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