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Clerkship Tips from the Inside: InsideSherpa

C L E R K S H I P  T I P S  F R O M  T H E  I N S I D E:  I N S I D E S H E R P A

A tool for students applying to clerkships

InsideSherpa ( is a unique tool to help law students applying for clerkships at corporate law firms.

Students can connect with high-performing vetted lawyers working at 42 different firms to get tailored help with cover letters, resumes, interview preparation and firm insights. There is no person better placed to help you with your application than someone who has recently successfully navigated the process.

All students who create an account also get access to heaps of resources including sample application documents from previous successful candidates and unique firm information.

How did InsideSherpa come about?

Our founders worked in corporate law firms including King & Wood Mallesons, MinterEllison and Herbert Smith Freehills. We loved the experience, but we were frustrated by the lack of diversity in the firms. We decided to set up InsideSherpa to ensure that any student at any time from anywhere could connect with a lawyer for unfiltered and tailored help.

The benefits of using InsideSherpa

We understand that applying for clerkships can be stressful. Even with the various firm-run events, it’s hard to work out exactly what firms are looking for and how to prepare the best application possible.

Some students are lucky to know people working in firms who can guide them through the process and provide unique insights into firms. We believe that every student, regardless of who you do or don’t know, should have access to this information. In a competitive environment, these insights and guidance can be the difference between securing or not securing a clerkship.

How does it work?

The process is simple! You just need to:
1) create a free account at
2) browse our mentors and find someone who you think will take your application to the next level
3) connect with mentor over the platform, and send them your documents
4) wait and receive your new and improved documents which will contain markups, comments and improvements

Our top clerkship tips

We’re sure you’ve heard all the advice under the sun about preparing your clerkship applications but here are our top four clerkship tips!

1) Network, network, network! Got a friend who works in a law firm? Have a neighbour who has a friend who works as a lawyer? Use any connection you have to sit down with people in the industry and pick their brains about the profession, the application process and specific firms. This intel will be invaluable during the application process.
2) Don’t neglect application management: So many students underestimate how taxing it can be to apply for clerkships. It’s competitive! You need to apply to as many as possible without losing the quality of your application. We have put together an excel spreadsheet which will help you manage the progress of your applications. Sign up and we’ll send it through.
3) Work out where you actually want to work: Interested in doing an international secondments? Well don’t apply to Lander & Rogers first. Want the option of rotating through family law? King & Wood Mallesons shouldn’t be the top of your list. Based on what you want from your future employer, you should order the firms that you want to work for and sequentially work through your applications using that order.
4) Back yourself: You have worked hard to get into law school and complete this much of your law degree. Don’t underestimate yourself and have a go at applying!

If you have any questions, email Tom ( or Pasha (


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