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We have reached that time in the semester where everyone is struggling to catch up with missed readings and lectures, attempting to complete assessments, AND getting ready for exams at the same time. Many of us also have work or volunteering commitments, and are also struggling to maintain a social life. It is extremely stressful and it’s at times like this we end up neglecting our health and wellbeing.

For this reason, La Trobe Law School in conjunction with the LSA, has put together a program for Wellbeing Week. This program seeks to support students in developing resilience, accessing supportive resources, looking out for one another, and starting honest conversations about the wellbeing challenges that law school involves.

The LSA will be present in the Agora on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12pm-2pm for a friendly chat or some free baked goods and adorable therapy dogs! Come and have a chat about how you are going or anything you’d like to see the LSA do to make your experience at law school more relaxed and memorable. We will also be collecting donations for the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation to create awareness of depression and anxiety within the legal profession.

There are many other valuable events that we will be running during the week, such as the Law School 101: Understanding Feedback, where Dr Laura Griffin can assist you in taking steps to improve your work and understand criticism. See other events below in the Wellbeing Week schedule.



Students who are seeking support services should visit beyondblue – they’ve got a great range of resources available.

If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Education, Mariam Francis at education@latrobelsa.com.

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