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Welcome to the LSA Committee for 2020/2021!

Hello and welcome to the LSA Committee of 2020/2021!

We are so excited and cannot wait to see what this year brings!

For this term, the Publications team is headed by director Laura Di Natale, along with officers Sarah Fitzsimons and Jessica Bell-Matsen. We are looking forward to a great year of creating content for the benefit of all La Trobe law students!

Now let us introduce the fabulous team of people who make up the 2020/2021 LSA committee!

Firstly, big congratulations to this year’s LSA President, Brandon Draper! Working alongside him will be Alexandra Chan as Vice President and Alex Hughan as Treasurer, both also deserving commendation for their success in being elected to the executive team.

Also working in the executive are this year’s elected portfolio directors, who will be supported by new and returning officers to the LSA. However, all returning officers have changed portfolios or were successfully elected as directors, meaning there are plenty of fresh faces around!

Further congratulations to all Directors and their respective Officers:


   Director: Samuel Chung

   Officers: Amy Hicks and Shaun James


   Director: Ingrid Tam

   Officers: Chelsea Fung and Alanah Garzia

Non-Commercial Careers

   Director: Isabella Parolin

   Officers: Jesse Prior and Kiyan Mirzaie-Basari


   Director: Afreen Taqvi

   Officers: Maddisson Rungen, Alisha Ukunde and Emily George


   Director: Rebecca Klvac

   Officers: Hammad Shahin and Sarah Bux

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion;

   Director: Leyan Elsaadi

   Officers: Alexandra Patchett, Jaskaran Singh and Nima Mohamed

Juris Doctor;

   Director: Faviola Martinez

   Officers: Vivian Papageorgiou, Brenda Lam, Josie Dines and Arrian Stubbs


   Director: Elly-May Dreier

   Officers: Lauren Rametta, James Reginato and Jessica Wignall


   Director: Laura Di Natale

   Officers: Sarah Fitzsimons and Jessica Bell-Matsen


   Director: Daniel Reljic

We also congratulate Brody McDowell as the LSA’s Bendigo Representative and Monica Guarnaccia as Graphics Designer.

With that list of extraordinary people and a big round of applause, this year’s committee introduction is concluded. Although that is not all…

To kick this year off, the Publications team would love to hear any of your suggestions or ideas you think would enhance our current publications! So, if you have a fun and fresh idea you would like to see us try in our weekly newsletter or another LSA publication please send us an email anytime at

Finally, thank you to all those who voted and elected this year’s LSA committee! We are excited for what’s to come and looking forward to hopefully seeing everyone back on campus at the beginning of 2021 (we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed and so should you!).


Jessica Bell-Matsen

Publications Officer, 2020/21


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