Weekly Wrap-Up

Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 11

Last week was absolutely jam packed with exciting events, from alpacas to the Federal Circuit Court. It being Wellbeing Week on campus, the LSA made sure to conduct plenty of events in keeping with the theme. With those pesky exams just around the corner, it is more important than ever to look after ourselves and others in order to ensure physical and mental wellbeing. Lawyers and law students have higher rates of depression, anxiety and other mental health problems than in other professional and student groups, so it’s important to promote awareness of this issue whenever possible.

We’ve also had the conclusion of Law Netball and Competitions with our Grand Final Nights, and some panels to promote success in exams! Interested? Keep reading!




Netball Grand Final Night

A massive congratulations to Green team for winning our Law Students’ Netball Semester 1 Competition. Just about every Tuesday, our netball teams have been testing their skills against one another in an exciting and competitive league. This activity was a great way for La Trobe Law students to meet new friends, take their minds off study and get in some fun and exercise. Congratulations as well to our male and female MVP winners, LSA Committee members Alec Deasey and Hannah Newton. For those who missed out this semester, be sure to sign up when next semester begins!


Bake Sale

Throughout Wellbeing Week, your friendly neighbourhood LSA have been providing freshly baked goods for you in the Agora for a single gold coin donation. Many students came down for a cupcake and a friendly chat. Our bake sale on Thursday was held on the Simpson Lawn, in prime position for viewing the Wellbeing Week Petting Zoo. From alpacas to pigs, rabbits to geese, there was no shortage of students waiting for a chance to meet these friendly animals.

We also had our very own adorable DELTA DOGS returning for a friendly pat and the opportunity to sneak one or two baked goods from unsuspecting student hands.

This bake sale, funds raised went to the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation to create awareness of depression and anxiety within the legal profession. This is a huge challenge the legal industry is trying to overcome and raising awareness is just the first step!



101 Seminar – Exam Success

For students who like scoring high and making the most of their time studying, this free event was the place to be last Tuesday. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is become motivated to study and often the stress can get to you. This workshop was aimed towards helping law students stay calm and collected during exams and to help them perform at full capacity on the day!


No Dumb Questions: How to get ahead in law school

In keeping with this theme, on Wednesday we had a second seminar aimed at improving grades and overall legal knowledge. This was a Q&A style panel, comprised of La Trobe faculty and the LSA President, Mariam Francis. Our guests answered your questions on anything and everything related to improving your law experience. Law school is what you make of it and it’s up to you to embrace this opportunity to ask questions when you still have the chance. For those who missed the event, be sure to check out the live stream on the LSA Facebook page!


Ashurst Competitions Grand Final Night

This evening was the culmination of all the effort our competitors have put in throughout the past two semesters, and the tireless of work of our amazing Competitions portfolio.  Many students came along to watch and learn from the cream of the competitors in this fantastic opportunity to prepare for their own journey into the world of LSA Comps. We also had a large number of real judges who volunteered their time to test our very own La Trobe law students on their research into cases and their knowledge of the law. Definitely a fantastic event and great fun!

Congratulations to the winners on the night:

Client Interview – Mariam Francis and Kirtan Swamy

Junior Moot – Sibaunne Mumford Holmes, Elise Pascoe and Rachel Harris

Senior Moot – Daniel Lewis and Karena Ogloff

JD Moot – Nicolas Muniz Saavedra and Wilson Tan

Negotiation – Heath Mitchell and Codey Larkin

IHL Moot – Kobra Moradi and Renata Romeo

Criminal Law Moot – Brandon Leong and Tiffany O’Keefe

Witness Examination – Damian Fragapane

113 114


Yoga Session

We also had a free yoga session on Thursday morning as well. For law students in need of a chance to unwind and relax, this lesson proved invaluable, helping attendees stay calm and release some tension in those sore muscles! This was the first time we have hosted an event like this and it was a great success. If you enjoyed it, be sure to let us know if you would be interested in another next semester!


Succeeding in Law School

Lastly we wrapped up Wellbeing Week with a panel of past La Trobe Law Students who kindly volunteered to share their experiences, struggles and strategies they used to push past it all to succeed. Again, this was a fantastic opportunity to ask questions and stay motivated for what’s to come in your degree! For those who missed it, never fear! There is an archive of the seminar on the LSA Facebook page.

And that’s a wrap for this semester! We wish everyone luck on their exams and a massive congratulations for those who will be graduating mid-year


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