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The Weekly Review My Favourite Murder Episode 61 – Live at the Neptune

Despite the only positive reviews I’ve heard, I have been hesitant to listen to jump on the my favourite murder bandwagon. This is largely due to my allegiance to Josie and Mel, the hosts of All Aussie Mystery Hour, whose show is conceptually similar in the sense each host will take turns describing a specific murder or mystery over some banter and a glass of wine or two. However, my true crime obsessed self is naturally fascinated with Ted Bundy. During one of my weekly online blog stalks where I usually scope out the best podcasts I came across a review for My Favourite Murder – episode 61 Live at the Neptune.


My hesitation to give into the witty murderous banter of Karen and Georgia’s show completely subsided once it was releveled that they would be discussing none other than Ted Bundy. For all true crime nerds Ted Bundy is one of the key serial killers to learn about. Not only were his crimes so vast and disgusting but he had the added layer of being attractive and charming. So much so that teen heartthrob, Zac Efron was the only suitable choice to depict him in Netflix’s Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.


Karen and Georiga’s review is fantastic for those of us who are perhaps still terrified by Bundy and just want a real synopsis of his crimes and some interesting tidbits such as his fascination with brunette women who parted their hair directly down the middle. If you’re looking for a very serious detailed overview then this isn’t really the podcast for you and you should probably just sit around hoping Casefile finally releases a four part series on Bundy sometime soon.



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