The Weekly LSA

The Weekly LSA: Jessup Success

By Madeleine Matkowsky

Director of Publications


Every year during the hot Canberra summer, a competition called the Phillip C. Jessup Public International Law moot is held at the Australian National University. The Jessup moot, or Jessup as it is more fondly known is no less than the most prestigious and largest moot competition in the entire world, with the Australian rounds being the hardest to win.  

La Trobe University has had a team compete in the competition over the last five or so years, however, has never returned placing in the top eight. The top eight are often monopolised by the group of eight universities, with the University of Queensland and University of Sydney attending the Washington International Rounds for the last several years.  

This year, the La Tthe weekly lsa photo 3robe Jessup team placed third overall in the competition resulting in the best outcome La Trobe University has ever experienced. The team made up of Danielle Chiaverini, Nico Muniz and Paula Carlesso worked tirelessly over many months drafting memorials, undergoing intense oral training and were mentored by supercoach Stephanie Falconer and faculty advisor Magda Karagiannakis. Their efforts were truly admirable and cannot be underestimated. The association wishes the team our congratulations and hopes this outcome will inspire many more students to apply to be part of next years Jessup team. 





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