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How to: use your mid semester break effectively

How to: use your mid semester break effectively

At this point in the semester, you probably have a huge pile of assignments on your desk all with fast approaching due dates. It’s time to start thinking about how to use the upcoming break effectively!

Here are 5 tips to help you smash through all those assignments!

  1. Write a list

The amount of work you need to get done during the mid-semester break can be really overwhelming. It is super helpful to sit down and write out a list of every task you need to get done. This way, you have a visual representation of everything that needs to be done and you can tick off each task as you go.

  1. Plan

You probably have three or four assignments to work through during the break. Obviously, this is going to take some time for you to complete. But if you sit down and plan out each assignment effectively by doing thorough research and have references ready to go, this will minimise the amount of time you spend writing by half.

  1. Smash out those assignments

Once you’ve written out a list for yourself and planned out each assignment, it’s time to actually do the assignment. Allow yourself some time to procrastinate. It’s all part of the process. It’s important to know the environment you work best in – maybe it’s at your desk at home, maybe it’s outside, maybe it’s in the library where there are no distractions. Also think about the time of day you work best in – maybe you like to smash out heaps in the morning, are super productive in the afternoon or you’re a night owl. You know yourself and study habits better than anyone. Make a smart decision about where and when you study so you can maximise the amount of work you get done.

  1. Think about your future self

Yes, the mid semester break is all about smashing through assignments, but exams are also just around the corner. Once you’ve finished off all those assignments, you might have some extra time on your hands. If you have some extra time, think about doing some work that your future self will thank you for. This may be getting your notes in order for exams or getting cracking on some practice questions.

  1. Rest!

As important as it is to get those assignments done, use this mid-semester break to get some much-needed R & R! Enjoy the break by making time to do the things you love. Setting aside some time to rest means you’ll be able to come back and smash out the remainder of the semester and your exams.


Stephanie Brock


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