Talks with Artist in Residence Mark Swivel

The La Trobe Law School is excited to announce it’s first artist-in-residence Mark Swivel.

Mark Swivel is a lawyer, humourist, yarn-spinner and MC.  He is also an ambassador for www.goodreturn.org.au, company secretary for Enova Energy, and principal of Barefoot Law. The Law School would like to invite any interested students to our events with Mark in week 1!

Tuesday 31 July, 12.00-1.00pm in the Moot Court

“What Anton Chekhov Can Teach Law Students: Curious Careers for Law Graduates”

In this session, Mark will talk about why law is a great degree for people who do other things, and a great career for people who get distracted by other things.  25-30 minutes followed by Q&A.

Thursday 2 August12.00-1.00pm, Moot Court

“Making Austraya Slightly Better Than Average Again”

A one hour address by future Senator Mark Swivel.  Not to be missed.

Please rsvp to Donna Preston at D.Preston@latrobe.edu.au if you wish to attend.


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