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Ryan Carlisle Thomas presents: Speculate

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Speculate, a new online student legal blog in which you can have your say on law and society.

Speculate is now live and calling for submissions from students enrolled in law in any university based in Victoria, and to recently graduated students not currently working in a law firm.

Each fortnight Speculate’s Editorial Committee will select the best blog submitted to be published. And the successful author will receive a payment of $250.

Speculate wants your well-argued opinions on how the law needs to be reformed to better serve us, the people.

Speculate is funded by the progressive law firm Ryan Carlisle Thomas, and run by an enthusiastic group of young lawyers.

You can find Speculate’s first launch edition at www.rct-law.com.au/speculate

You can also contact speculate@rct-law.com.au  for more information.

Speculate. Democratic, Opinionated, Informed, Engaged.


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