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Firstly, welcome to La Trobe Law School! Back in 2015 when I started at La Trobe,  I was Aidan_Headshot_10x10fresh out of high school and focused on settling in to the hectic lifestyle of living on campus. I didn’t really plan on taking part in any extra-curricular activities, as I heard a lot about how stressful law school could be. I just wanted to focus all my energy on studying and getting good grades.

But then law camp came around, and I was yet to make any ‘law friends’, so I registered (I strongly recommend attending). As insignificant as law camp may sound, it is a fantastic way to meet other students and ensure you can survive your first semester of law school and beyond. Law school can be tough at times, which compounds the need for a strong academic support network amongst your peers. Not only can making new friends enrich your academic life, it will ensure that you remember your university years fondly!

One other crucial thing I’d like to touch on is the importance of a healthy work-life balance.  It’s sometimes hard to maintain healthy wellbeing and mindset when attempting to juggle your studies, work and extra-curricular commitments. A tip that I can give you is to have an outlet that has absolutely no connection to university. This may be playing a sport, baking, reading, or making dank memes for your squad.

One further piece of advice I can give you is to get involved whilst at university! This may be with the LSA or another faculty aligned society, the benefits of such involvement speaks for itself as you are constantly engaging with other students, staff and employers. You may choose to go on an overseas study tour or complete an elective overseas as part of your course. Some students are even fortunate enough to compete overseas in international mooting competitions against the best and brightest law students in the world!  That’s what’s so fantastic about LTU – you can stand out! You are able to excel in any area you are interested in; whether that’s mooting, research, student representation, international experiences and more. Getting involved in such initiatives will ensure that you have a rich breadth of experience and skills to showcase to your dream employer towards the end of your degree!

So what I am trying to say is: put yourself out there! Don’t be limited to your study and be sure to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities provided to you by the LSA, the Law School and the University.

I wish you the best of luck for the coming year, and for the duration of your time at La Trobe. My door is always open so feel free to come and chat to me about anything, or simply drop me an email at

Aidan Foott
President 2017/18
La Trobe Law Students’ Association

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