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Alec Deasey

As the president of the LSA my role is to represent the committee and all LSA members. This involves ensuring all the directors are completing their relevant tasks to ensure we have the best events and information available to you. I also liaise with the law school in order to ensure we have a strong relationship and support from them.

Paris Nesire

My main role is to assist the President in the day to day running of the Committee. My role is primarily from within the committee and looking after all committee members and ensuring that meetings and the administrative side of the role is performed well. I am usually the person the committee comes to if they are in need of any help.

Matthew Deetlefs

I am the Treasurer and am in charge of all things financial, which is mostly telling people they’re not allowed to spend as much money as they want to. I am also responsible for ensuring our financial and legal obligations are carried out, it helps to be on top of these as breaking the law probably isn’t a good look for law students.


Laura Hook
Director of Sponsorship

My primary role as Director of Sponsorship is to look after the LSA’s relationship with our many sponsors, in order to ensure that many of our events can run and to allow students to meet with professionals from many different firms and organisations. This involves meeting with firms over the summer to negotiate the best sponsorship agreement we can.

Caleb Hooke
Director of Juris Doctor

My role is Director of the Juris Doctor for the La Trobe Law Students’ Association. I’m currently in my third year of my Juris Doctor, and previously studied a Bachelor of Commerce and a Diploma of Languages. A big believer in a strong work life balance, I like to take a break from study by going for a run or catching up with friends.

Cindy Do
Director of Marketing

I am the Director of Marketing for La Trobe’s Law Students’ Association. We aim to foster communication between our students, academic staff and the wider legal community. The LSA values keeping our student body informed of the multitude of events, competitions and other activities that occur throughout the year.

Beth Tucker
Director of Activities

My name is Beth and I am the Director of Activities. My role is one of the most fulfilling and entertaining roles of the LSA - I create the social events for the LSA calendar that allow law students to have an outlet from their super busy lives in law school! Myself and my officers create events for law students that are unique, fun and enjoyable for all students.

Brandon Draper
Director of Careers

As Careers Director, I organise a variety of careers related events that help student determine what they want to do after they graduate and how best to do it. Some of these events include the Careers Cocktail night, Careers Connect Fair and multiple presentations from law firms throughout the year.

Liana Tenace
Director of Competitions

I am the Director of Competitions and my role is to work with the Competitions Portfolio to organise and facilitate all of the internal moots and competitions we run here at La Trobe Law. I am also the point of contact for competitions that are run by other universities and organisations which means you will always be kept informed about external competitons.

Caitlin Dagher
Director of Education

I am the Director of Education. My portfolio covers a range of areas including wellbeing, equity, skill building and preparation for law school.

Madeleine Matkowsky
Director of Publications

As the Director of Publications my role is to assemble all publications the LSA will release throughout the year. This includes this guide, the careers and clerkship guides. We are also releasing a weekly newsletter this year which will update you weekly on everything law and LSA related.

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