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2016/17 LSA Executive

Mariam Francis

Mariam is the head of the organisation and manages all the external and internal aspects of the LSA. She manages all the Directors to ensure that the LSA represents and supports students throughout their law degree. Mariam is completing a BA/LLB, and in her free time loves competing in moots, and is always available for a chat.

Charles Haszler
Vice President

As Vice-President, Charles works closely with our Directors to ensure the inner workings of the LSA are running smoothly. Charles takes mooting seriously and likes tinkering with bicycles in his spare time. 


Jane Le
Director of Juris Doctor

Jane maintains the connection between the undergraduate and the postgraduate students. She ensures that all JD students are informed about all LSA events. In her spare time, Jane loves to bake goodies and also actively volunteer within her local community and legal centre.

Kirtan Swamy
Director of Finance

Kirtan maintains the LSA funds and handles the budgeting for all activities, events, publications and competitions. He is also responsible for preparing the annual report. Kirtan loves music and volunteering his time to do community service work. 

Brandon Draper
Director of Administration

Brandon is the initial point of contact for all general enquiries. He is the LSA’s public officer for legislative purposes. His role is to ensure that the committee complies with its constitution, and keeps meeting agendas and minutes. Brandon loves to spend time with friends and family, and watching his favourite TV shows.

Aidan Foott
Director of Marketing

Aidan develops strategic partnerships between the LSA and law firms, businesses and other organisations. Aidan enjoys reading about developments in financial markets and the global economy, as well as following AFL football.

Laura Hook
Director of Activities

Laura organises all of the LSA’s social events including Law Camp, Maritime Cruise, and the Annual Law Ball. She believes in a healthy balance between the academic calendar and personal well-being. Laura enjoys playing soccer and watching the latest episode of Suits.

Vera Bernard
Director of Careers

Vera organises events that connect students with potential employers. She makes sure students have the information they need to kick start their careers, whether it be in commercial law, government or non-legal jobs. Vera is a graduate entry LLB student and balances an interest in commercial law with a passion for social justice. 

Ellena Kouris
Director of Competitions

Ellena organises all the competitions for the LSA and loves helping students step outside their comfort zone, especially first time mooters. If she's not at home having a good read about the universe and human behaviour, you'll find her out on a dance floor boogieing hard to some funky tunes.

Nada Elagha
Director of Education

Nada's role focuses on ensuring student wellbeing and satisfaction, as well as organising events which relate to issues facing the legal profession. She loves to read, when she’s not at the gym or spending time with friends and family.

Edmund Simpson
Director of Publications

Ned keeps the LSA website overflowing with high quality articles. He is also the editor of the First Year Guide, Pathways Careers Guide, Competitions Guide, the Annual Report and a number of exciting publications soon to be released. Ned loves travel and has participated in three exchange programs, most recently to the Middle East.

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