Leo Cussen Justice Speech 2017

Each year the LSA holds the Justice Speech in conjunction with Leo Cussen Centre for Law to provide students with an opportunity to hear from a renowned Justice.

This year we are excited to have Justice Kyrou of the Court of Appeal speak to La Trobe Students about ‘Courts: The independent, low profile third arm of government’.

Justice Kyrou graduated in law with first class honours in 1982, and worked as a solicitor for 24 years. He is the second practising solicitor to have been appointed a Justice of the Supreme Court.

We warmly welcome Students and Academics alike to join us on Thursday August 17th at 2pm at Leo Cussen Centre for Law (360 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne) for a unique insight into the judicial process. Please note that this event will be held in the CBD and that there will be an entrance cost of $5.

Tickets can be purchased here.


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