Legal Eagles

Legal Eagles of La Trobe Edition #16 – Jake Cripps

Smooth operating co-editor, Kirtan Swamy arrests his next Legal Eagle, La Trobe Student Union Education Officer and second year law student Jake Cripps!

KS: Jake, you transferred into law in the middle of the year. Why did you transfer to law?

JC: I transferred from a Bachelor of Arts to a Bachelor of Law/Arts in the middle of the year because I had taken a few legal-based subjects and found that I enjoyed the procedural aspects of law more than the conceptual aspects. Don’t get me wrong, I loved learning about criminology, but I think I found things like precedent, legislation and legal procedures more enticing. It’s weird, I know. A12049490_407985132731594_3665612545456994310_nside from being a bit of a nerd, the more I began to discover the Law School and the different classes/activities it ran, the more I felt like I wanted to be apart of it. So to put it into perspective, I guess it was a mixture of interest and F.O.M.O that got me into Law. 

KS: Do you have any handy tips for our new breed of Jaffy’s?

JC: Never underestimate the power of a gummy bear. I know that’s pretty far-fetched, but here’s my logic:

Gummy Bear’s are the best study snack. Whether it is Haribo or Allans, you can never underestimate the power of a gummy bear, because they were the things that got me through exams. While my friends were out drinking I was chewing down on Gummy Bears learning about Statutory Interpretation. This may seem like a lot less fun, but if it wasn’t for the gummy bears, I wouldn’t be studying. So I guess what I am saying is find something that motivates you; and get the job done– you’ll be thankful in the long run. 

KS: How is life in the student union treating you?

Legal EagleJC: I am the Education/Public Affairs Officer at the La Trobe Student Union and I am loving my new job! The team, the work and the events are all great and I think we are all doing a great job. It’s treating me well in that it’s the first job where I want to work. I come in, speak to everyday students about every day issues and help them find a solution. Not only has it made me more of a critical thinker, but I think the LTSU had made La Trobe a better place. I am just really thankful too all the students who gave me this opportunity.

KS: How do you think your law studies help your interest in politics?

JC: It’s a very even balance between law helping my Student Politics/Labor Party involvement and my Student Politics/ Labor Party involvement helping my Law studies. I think Law School has helped me understand the systems and procedures that the policies I submit have to go through in order for them to be implemented. At the same time, however, my involvement in VictorianLegal Eagle (2) Labor Students has helped me with any politics-based subjects because it has given me the opportunity to conceptualize the material. Like, I know I’ve been to parliament house, or met the lawyer who worked on that case. So in all, it’s very much a ying-and-yang balance of Law school helping politics and visa-versa. 

KS: Now Jake we need to know. Who would have your vote?

Hillary or Bernie?

JC: Hillary is my home girl. I like her not only because I feel like I could have a beer with on a Wednesday night after a long day at Congress, but I also like her because I feel like she is a self-made hero. One thing that I have always liked about her is that she never used Bill successes or downfalls as a reason to be in the spotlight. She has taken them in her stride and continued to live an independent and successful career on her own. As Morgan Freeman narrated in one of her campaign videos, she could have had the opportunity to go with Bill Clinton to a high budget Law firm after she Graduated Yale Law School, but instead she worked to reform juvenile justice system in South Carolina. This type of dedication, and home-made heroism is what I see in Clinton, and is why I’d give her my vote. 

KS: Thanks Jake! That’s all from us here at Legal Eagles this week folks! We’ve got lots of studying to catch up on, and so do you! Happy studying and good luck!


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