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Legal Eagles of La Trobe #19: Mel Lee

In this edition of the Legal Eagle, co-editor, Ashmal Naleem, interviews the electric final year Law Student, Melissa Lee, who is also President of Two Birds, One Scone, the student-run club at Uni dedicated to “feeding the hungry and homeless” which has taken the campus by storm.

What are you studying? Why?

I am in my final year of Law School and I have 2 more subjects left for my finance degree. I guess I’m studying both to push myself and challenge myself to see whether I am capable of actually doing it. Having a law degree under my belt will be good for if I ever want to help those in need of legal advice that can’t afford it. I am looking to do a lot of pro bono work after uni for a few years so I can do my part.


What motivated you to start Two Birds, One Scone?

My motivation to commence Two Birds, One Scone happened when I was back in New York. I was safe, content and warm with my family and I read the next day how people not in my fortunate situation had passed away from not being able to keep warm because of the lack of food and lack of clothing. This is when it hit me and I had to come back here and make a change. My target was to start this here at La Trobe University. And the concept is working so well.

What are your goals for the group?

My goals for Two Birds, One Scone is continue saving good edible food from filling Australian landfills and continue feeding those in need and those who are not as fortunate as us. whether it be the homeless, or even La Trobe students who are going through financial difficulty. My aim is to expand to every college in Australia and make this into such a phenomenon so together we save tonnes and help thousands.

What do you see yourself doing after university?

After college, I will be going back to New York. I will be looking into doing my Masters of Law in NYU or UCLA while using my finance degree. I will also be looking into expanding out to the US, given a lot is wasted over there in college dining halls.


If a genie gave you one wish (can’t wish for more wishes), what would it be?

If a genie gave me one wish, I would wish to end the world of hunger, poverty, war and racism. But that’s just a wish we all know that that will not ever happen. Hahaha

Are you going to continue the group after you finish university or hand over the torch?

I want this Two Birds, One Scone to continue long after I am gone from La Trobe. I will have to leave it in good hands when I do leave as it is so important that it be taken over by someone serious. We are dealing with food and we are dealing with people that consume it. We can’t take this operation lightly. 


Are you hoping that the group continues to grow and expand across the city?

Getting as many students on board with our operation is key. We need to make people aware of how much is being thrown. And how much good food is being neglected. I’m giving people the opportunity to give back, in an easier sense as we deal with all our operations right here on 
campus. Our third party charity organisation helps us with the delivery. We will be having a once a month excursion in where we go as a group to Flinders Street Station or St Kilda where we target, and hand out the food ourselves. But that is only once a month. I want to inspire people to do good and to help the community.

I have amazing people on my team and I am sure there are more student that could come aboard. 


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