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Legal Eagles of La Trobe # 17 – Sakire Saban

The rarely seen co-editor, Ashmal Naleem, tackles the LSA’s executives greatest enigma, Sakire Saban in this hard-hitting, no holds-barred interview.

AN: How is it running the competition portfolio for the LSA?

SS: Being the Director of Competitions has probably been one of the most enriching, stressful and challenging experiences of my life. The journey has been really fun so far as I have met so many new people along the way and have learnt a lot about mooting by understanding how they operate. The position has really challenged my abilities in terms of being able to juggle between my social life, study and work relating to competitions and essentially being able to be organised and stay on top of things. It has also been the perfect opportunity to build character and confidence as I have learnt to efficiently deal with and quickly resolve any conflicts, mishaps and issues. The competitions portfolio is a high-volume work portfolio that requires immense dedication and commitment. I know it is and will be a stressful period organizing the Competitions Grand Final Night. However, knowing that we have provided all law students this opportunity to build and showcase their advocacy skills at such an exciting event will be very rewarding for the Competitions Portfolio. I am so proud of the team for giving up their time to enhance law students’ university experience.

AN: What are the benefits of doing the law/psychology double?

SS: Law/Psychology is a great double degree because both degrees complement each other in a unique way. They are both quite different disciplines yet they tend to intertwine with one another. While law is more of a humanities-related course based on problem-solving, psychology entails many broad areas and concepts requiring critical thinking skills. Psychology is especially useful in areas of law such as Criminal law, as you may examine how mental disorders affect our behaviour in light of the commission of criminal offences, and Family law, which focuses heavily on assessing the functionality of families incorporated in family reports which lawyers require as evidence. Another benefit is that because they are both different in their own ways, you never get bored of one discipline because they each balance each other out. Also, it is a very unique double degree as La Trobe is one of the very few universities which actually offer it!

 AN: Which country’s Bachelor is the best Bachelor?

shakk1 SS: I will admit; my guilty pleasure is the TV reality show the Bachelor. I don’t know what it is, maybe the constant catfights, the drama or maybe even the cute bachelor which always captivates my attention. I will have to say America’s Bachelor is the most eventful series compared to all other series filmed in UK, Australia etc. The American series is bound to impress you with the drama of 25 beautiful young women looking for love, i.e. with the young, hunky and six-packed Bachelor and thus inevitably go to whatever length to fight for his attention.

AN: If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

SS: If I could live anywhere in the world, it would have to be Ibiza. The crystshakk2al clear beaches, the beach parties and the lifestyle look like the scene for a perfect getaway. Also seems like the best place to get an all-year round tan. If not, I would definitely love to go there when I retire and live on the beach!

AN: What would you like to do once you finish your degree?

SS: My dream is to help advocate gender equality and women’s rights, not only in the general community but particularly the law field. I would love to assist women by combatting domestic violence, oppression and human trafficking both in Australia and internationally. My ultimate dream would be to work at the International Criminal Court to serve justice for women.

AN: If you could meet one person in your life and ask them only one question, who would the person be and what would the question be?

SS: This is a tough question. I would have to say Justice Kirby, the question being would he be my best friend!

nb. Our faithful IT Officer, Charles Haszler, would like it duly noted for the record that DJ Shakk is borrowing his headphones, and that some credit should be sent his way for the contribution he’s made to her career as a DJ. Next stop Ibiza!




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