Law School 101 Workshops


Some of our 101 workshops will now run virtually. Please see our Facebook page for more details!

101 Session Breakdown

The Law School 101 Workshop Series sessions are run throughout the semester in conjunction with the Law School and are aimed at providing students with the necessary skills required to succeed in their degree! A’s are possible in Law School!

Here are the Law 101 essential sessions we will run for Semester 1 2020:


[Week 1] Legal Skills Session

Monday 2 March @ 1 – 2:30pm, location: Martin 241 (Run by: Anita McKay)

This session is designed to introduce students to the essential skills which will help them succeed in their law degree.

Come along to gain valuable insight and advice from legal academic Anita McKay and advice from Emily, a Law Student and Peer Learning Advisor.


[Week 3] Legal Problem Solving

Monday 16 March @ 1 – 2:30pm, location: Martin 241 (Run by: Tobias Barkley)

Legal Problem Solving is a skill which students will develop throughout their degree. This session is designed to empower students to be confident in their problem-solving abilities and will be specifically important for those completing their second year Torts subject, as well as an introduction for first year students to get ahead in their academic skills.

This session will be run by academic Tobias Barkley, who will offer essential advice for students to be able to complete their problem-solving skills throughout the year.


[Week 4] Intro to Mooting

Monday 23 March @ 1 – 2:30pm, location: Martin 241 (Run by: TBC)

There are a variety of Competitions open for La Trobe students throughout the year, including international opportunities and internal competitions which progress to the grand final night, held at the Federal Court in semester 2.

This session is essential if you’re interested in Mooting, want to hear advice from successful mooters and get involved in competitions in 2020. This session is open not only to first year students, but for first time mooters.


[Week 7] Advice that could save your life, your friend and your career: What is work/life ‘balance’ and why do employers’ value it so highly?

Monday 20 April @ 1 – 2:30pm, location: Martin 241 (Run by: Hannah Robert; additional panel speakers TBC)

As we are nearing the end of Semester One this 101 session is an essential for students who want to make the most out of the rest of their semester and avoid burning out before exams.

Students, academics and staff have gathered together to offer a panel focusing on essential advice and strategies to help you cope and optimise your time in this busy period.

This session will be essential, and you will thank yourself for taking the time to ask questions and hear from the panel on a variety of strategies for time management, realistic goal setting and more.



We look forward to seeing you at these sessions! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Freya Pollard at


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