Law School 101 Workshops

101 Session Breakdown

The Law School 101 Workshop Series sessions are run throughout the semester in conjunction with the Law School and are aimed at providing students with the necessary skills required to succeed in their degree!

Here are a few tips from the sessions we run:

How to Succeed in Law School

Tuesday 6th March 1-2pm Location MAR 241

Come along to this session and hear from some of La Trobe’s most successful later year students about how they have managed to consistently achieve high marks at university. With studying a law degree students are bound for long hours and late nights due to the heavy workload. Coupling this with extra-curricular activities, part time work and a healthy social life can be stressful. The panel will outline strategies they use to excel in law school whilst juggling multiple other commitments.

Legal Problem Solving (IRAC)

Tuesday 13th March 1-2pm Location MAR 241

How to IRAC is a vital skill, this process of problem solving will get you started for assignments and exams in the majority of law subjects. Going through the issue, rule, application, conclusion (IRAC) is the basic structure to use.

Online Research & Referencing

Tuesday 20th March 1-2pm Location MAR 241

Although a daunting process, the library provides an expert help guide with all the links needed to find cases, journal articles and statutes at

Exam Success

Tuesday 8th May 1-2pm Location MAR 241

Revise early! Make sure you have been up to date; this can be a lot easier if you join a study group. Utilise practise exams, and write within time restrictions don’t just rely on having good notes to get you through. Write your own notes and case summaries, this will ensure you know what you’re looking for and where to look when the time comes.

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