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Client Interview Competition

La Trobe Moot Court (SS232)

Registration Link:

This competition involves students acting as lawyers in their first consultation with a client. You are expected to conduct an interview with a ‘client’ in order to obtain and convey the information required in order to advise your client on the next step in their legal matter. Participants will be provided with further information contained in the competitors’ pack on the 25th of September.

Sign up in a team of two. If you are having trouble finding a partner, email Paris at
Registration is $10 per team.
Key Dates:
Registrations Open:  Monday 18th September 9am
Registrations Close: Sunday 24th September 6pm
Preliminary Rounds: Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th October 10am-4pm
Quarter Finals:  Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th October 5-9pm
Semi Finals: Wednesday 18th October 5-9pm

If anyone is looking for more information about the competition, the LSA is holding a Client Interview Information Session on Wednesday the 13th September from 11-12 at the Moot Court (SS 232). All the information from this session will be posted on the Competitions Facebook Page later during that week.

If you have any questions, please contact Alexandra at

Negotiation Competition

La Trobe Moot Court (SS 232)

Registration Link:

Negotiation involves two teams of two solicitors, who meet to discuss a dispute between their clients. Each team is provided with a description of the fact scenario. Some facts are known to both teams, but each team has some secrets too. Each team is also armed with instructions from their client detailing exactly what outcome they should seek and what should be avoided at all costs.

If you would like to be placed in a team please email Paris at

Key Dates:
Registrations Open: Monday 4th September 9am
Registrations Close: Sunday 10th September 6pm
Preliminary Rounds: Saturday 16th, Sunday 17th September 10am-4pm
Quarter Finals: Tuesday 19th, Wednesday 20th September 5-9pm
Semi Finals: Wednesday 4th October 5-9pm

Registration is $10 per team.

If you have any questions, please contact Alexandra at

Clayton Utz Senior Moot

The Senior Moot is a contracts-based competition looked highly upon by prospective employers in top tier firms. It is open to all La Trobe Law Students and is a fantastic way to enhance your legal research skills and litigation. Although mooting experience is not a requirement, students who have mooted previously in either competitions or during LAWECP often take part.

Register in teams of two or three (maximum two speakers, one solicitor) (check our website and facebook page for the link closer to the date), however if you are not able to find a partner please email Alex, one of my Competitions Officers at and she will be happy to find a partner for you.

Key Dates

Registrations Open: 13/3
Registrations Close: 19/3
Prelims: 30/3, 31/3 (5pm – 9pm each night)
Quarters: 5/4 (5pm – 8pm)
Semis: 11/4 (5pm – 7pm)
Grand Final: 17/5



Junior Moot

The Junior Moot is a torts-based completion and is a fantastic way to start mooting in a friendly and encouraging environment.

It is strictly only open to first time competitors and we especially encourage first and second years to give it a go!

Key Dates

Registrations Open: 13/3
Registrations Close: 19/3
Prelims: 27/3, 28/3, 29/3 (5pm – 9pm each night)
Quarters: 3/4, 4/4 (5pm – 7pm each night)
Semis: 10/4 (5pm – 7pm)
Grand Final: 17/5



Junior Moot


International Humanitarian Law Moot

The International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Moot is a highly distinguished academic competition. Students will debate legal issues of the regulation of armed conflict and protection of persons not engaged in warfare.

This is a great opportunity for students undertaking a double degree in Law/International Relations or Arts (political science) to combine their fields of study through a rewarding and challenging competition.

Although not a pre-requisite we recommend this moot for students towards the end of their law degree, or for those who have had previous mooting experience as it is the most challenging moot the LSA runs.

Register once in teams of two or three via the trybooking link above (maximum two speakers, one solicitor) however if you are not able to find a partner, please email Paris at and we will endeavour to find one for you.
Registration is $10 per team.

Key Dates:
Registrations open: Monday 21st August 9am
Registrations close: Sunday 27th August 6pm
Preliminary Round:  Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th September 5-9pm
Quarter Finals: Monday 11th September 5-9pm
Semi Finals: Tuesday 12th September 5-7pm


King & Wood Mallesons Witness Examination

Unlike Mooting, Witness Examination is an individual based competition. Competitors are assigned the role of either prosecution or defence where their role is to examine and cross examine two witnesses to uncover the facts of the crime. Does it not sound like your favourite tv shows already? How To Get Away with Murder? The Good Wife? Law Order & Justice? Suits?

Students are judged according to their quality of questioning, clarity of expression as well as their use and knowledge of the rules of evidence.

It is a great opportunity for first timers and students under taking LAW2ECP as well as more seasoned competitors to gain valuable advocacy skills!

To register, keep posted on our Facebook page and website for the link.

Key Dates

Registrations Open: 10/4
Registrations Close: 16/4
Prelims: 24/4, 25/4 (4pm – 9pm)
Quarters: 27/4 (5pm – 8pm)
Semis: 29/4
Grand Final: 17/5

King and wood


Ashurst Competitions Grandfinal Night – May 17

Grand finals for all competitions held in Semester 2 of 2016 and Semester 1 of 2017 will be held on 17 May at the Federal Court. The evening includes presentations of the respective winners of each competition, followed by refreshments.

college of law


Criminal Law Moot

The Criminal Law Moot is…as you guessed it, a criminal law problem based competition. This competition is open to all year levels and is great for beginners or those studying criminal law at the time of the competition.

Key Dates – This competition will run during Semester 2 2017

Registrations Open: 7 August
Registrations Close: 14 August
Preliminary Rounds: Week beginning 21 August
Quarter/Semi Finals: Week beginning 28 August
Grand Final:  May 2018


Minter Ellison Client Interview

This competition showcases a student’s ability to be work ready as it highlights the particular skills needed to be able to effectively relate to clients and their specific needs.

Participants compete in pairs as they conduct an initial consultation and are judged on their ability to evaluate the problem, extract their client’s goals and expectations, and work as a team.

Law students of any year level are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Key Dates This competition will run during Semester 2 2017

Registrations Open: 11 September
Registrations Close: 25 September
Preliminary Rounds: Week beginning 2 October
Quarter/Semi Finals: Week beginning 2 October
Grand Final:  May 2018

client interview


Herbert Smith Freehills Negotiation

Negotiation skills are becoming increasingly important in legal practice, with clients often wanting to settle outside the court to save time and costs.

Negotiation involves a meeting between two teams. Both teams will be given the same set of facts, in addition to confidential information exclusive for each team.

The competition runs for approximately 55 minutes and will see each team engage with each other seeking to reach an agreement which best suits their clients.

Students are judged based on their communication skills, how well they are able to attain an outcome best suited to their client and effective dispute resolution.

Key Dates This competition will run during Semester 2 2017

Registrations Open: 28 August
Registrations Close: 4 September
Preliminary Rounds: Week beginning 11 September
Quarter/Semi Finals: Week beginning 11 September
Grand Final:  May 2018



External Competitions

On top of our Internal Comps, each year we submit our best and brightest into External and Intervarsity Competitions. These competitions range anywhere from Tort law to Constitutional, International and even Animal Law.

Two of our most prestigious External Competitions are the Willem C. VIs International Commercial Arbitration Moot and the Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition.

Vis’ goal is to foster the study of International Commercial Law and Arbitration for resolution of international business disputes. Jessup is a simulation of a fictional dispute between countries before the International Court of Justice, the judicial organ of the United Nations.

Both competitions could see you competing right around the world, in beautiful countries such as Hong Kong and Austria.

Despite the selection process being grueling, with both competitions requiring students to forgo their summer holidays and surrender themselves to their law books (just when they thought it had all ended for the year!) all competitors return saying that it was definitely worth the time and is experience you won’t find anywhere else.


Clayton utz

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