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Five Steps to Get Exam Ready

By Tanika Kline

The semester is drawing to a close and now is the perfect time to get yourself on top of everything before swot vac. By this point, we have all sat our fair share of exams, so here are some new or not so new ideas to get you organised.

  1. Mind Maps

Mind maps or similar forms of visualising your course work are a great way to get an overview of all the topics that you need to understand for exams. You don’t need to write detailed descriptions under each topic, just as long as you can get an idea of everything you need to revise. I’ve used mind maps for summarising an entire subject, but you could also go further and make one for each particular topic. I find that having everything laid out in front of me in a minimalistic way helps me to feel less overwhelmed and to have an decent overall understanding of everything included in the subject.

  1. Minimise your Distractions

Ditching your phone while studying is an obvious tip, but sometimes there are things or even people that are more distracting than even funny cat videos. Whether they are friends or colleagues who don’t understand how big your workload is, or even your family being too loud, they can still be our biggest distraction. Yet, they can also be our biggest supporters. So, instead of locking yourself in your room or running off to the library all the time, try sitting down and explaining topics or theories out loud with your friends or family. Even if the don’t have a single idea about what you’re saying, it can really help your understand concepts by putting your notes into conversation.

  1. Music

Sometimes music can be the biggest concentration killer but sometimes it can really boost your motivation. You know those days when it’s gloomy outside, you’re cold, tired and all you want to do is eat? Whenever I feel like that, I wack my favourite playlist on and turn it up loud. Suddenly, I’m back from the dead and ready to get shit down. Tried music and it hasn’t worked? Try listening to something new or put your phone on shuffle, you’ll be surprised what some 2010 Kesha can do for you energy levels.

  1. Snacks

I cannot stress the importance of stocking up with both healthy and delicious snacks to get you through studying. The hardest thing to do is study when all you can think about is food and how hungry you are. So, to avoid thinking about food all the time, rather than what your reading in your textbook, have snacks ready to go so you can munch and study at the same time. It makes life so much easier.

  1. Take care of yourself

As society becomes more and more aware about what consequences stress and pressure can have on students, wellbeing is becoming more and more talked about. More often than not students and undoubtfully us law students, are our toughest critics. As much as we all want to do well in our exams and get our best results, it’s also not the end of the world if something doesn’t go according to plan. La Trobe is really helpful with the amount of peer and professional assistance available. If you want to check out exactly what health and wellbeing resources are available, please have a click through the Help and Support tab on the university’s website.

All in all, everyone is in the same boat and some might even say that diamonds are formed under pressure. No matter what, look after yourself and good luck in your midyear exams!


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