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How to Avoid the Midsemester Slump

By Tanika Kline

The Midsemester slump, the inevitable burnout that turns any motivation you did have into nothing. We’ve all felt like stopping all work and sleeping away our problems away, but there are plenty of strategies you can try to beat the slump.


An obvious one, but sleep is usually the lowest priority during the semester. Whether you’ve pulled a few all-nighters or sacrificed a sleep in for an extra shift at work, it all adds up. From what I can remember from year 12 psychology, sleep debt, or all the sleep you haven’t had, can only be solved by making up for it. So, sleep might seem like the simplest answer, but it will make the difference to get you out of the slump. I don’t mean sleep for an entire week to get rid of your sleep debt, instead try a sleep in every now and again or even getting to sleep earlier. Even an extra hour each night might be all you need.

Try something new:

Some of us play sport, read a book, go for a drive or catch up with friends to break up our weeks but maybe trying something new will help spruik your motivation. If you usually play sport; maybe try painting or drawing. Maybe you’re usually a reader; then maybe trying writing. There is always something new to try; baking, gardening, cycling, fishing, volunteering, hiking. The list goes on.

Set Goals:

Whether you have assignment deadlines. multiple tasks on the go, family commitments, too many shifts at work, or even just trying to maintain some sort of social life; write down your goals. Keep them to only a few simple targets, that are attainable but still important to get done. Even writing everything you have to get done, uni related or not, down on a to do list can free your mind.


No doubt you could find a handful of overwhelmed law students by just walking into the law common room at any time of the day. The point is that everyone is probably feeling the same way. Get talking to your friends and help each other. Get together have a coffee or lunch and just get everything off your chest. Even just ranting to your friends about uni or non-uni troubles can make you feel a whole lot better. They can probably offer you their own advice or even just relate to your struggles. You would be surprised how much it can help when you know you’re not the only one dealing with this.

When it boils down to it. Sometimes a slump is unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to ruin your semester. You just need to find ways to cope with it and ride out the wave. Always remember to put your wellbeing on the top of all your priorities.


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